Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How High To Hang Curtain Holdbacks How High Should I Hang My Panel Curtains?

How high should I hang my panel curtains? - how high to hang curtain holdbacks

I'm trying to hang curtains in my panel, but have no idea how high they should be made. My window is a window to double to about a foot above the ground.


Steph said...

You can trick the eye and cause the windows are bigger than life (which is a good thing!) During the boom, the curtain rod right on the roof and / or molding of the crown (or less than 6-18 "below the window, depending on how the ceilings are high), and the curtains are hung. HGtv.com out-do all the time on these shows!

Timmy said...

I hung it only touch the ground. It looks funny, even if only an inch above the ground. If you are 2-3 meters long, that some people "puddle" on the ground, so you have much more substance on the floor. But you need enough material to look it well.

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